We Got Some Slap Yo Momma Good Ecigs

We’ve got some good eGo cigarettes out this way. You really should give them a try. You ain’t going to be able to put them down. They’re not even addictive, they just taste so damn good. They taste like kool-aid or something. You’ll see soon enough if you would just listen to me and get you one of these suckers.

You really have to try this new flavor I found. It’s called BOOGASUGA and you can buy it online. All you need is a Paypal account or a card and it ships fast. It will be at your doorstep soon. They ship the next day and it takes about 2 days until it gets to my house.

Sometimes it takes about 3 days when the post office is goofing off. This flavor is so good it makes me get up and jump for joy.

I feel like I’m promoting my company or something. They need to pay me for doing the good work of the Lord and sharing their products for free. Maybe I’ll go into business myself. I know a good vape liquid when I have one.

Wouldn’t you know that most people couldn’t recognize a good juice if it slapped them upside the head. I ain’t one of those fools. Quality is my middle name. Samuel is my government middle name. It’s a good biblical name because my momma was a good Christian gal.

I think us Christians are a dying breed. Lord help us but the heathens are taking over the world. That fool Hussein Obama is a tricky son of a gun. You know how he was able to capture Osama Bin Laden? Because they’re cousins!

He knew where his buddy was the whole time. If he would kill his cousin, what do you think he’d do to our country? His Muslim butt ain’t fooling us real Christians. We know a poser when we see one.

If I ever see Bare Back Obama in person I’m going to blow a big cloud of e-cig vapor in his face then sprinkly some holy water on his head. I bet you it sizzles right off his ass.