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Some of My Favorite Vapes

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Hey, if you haven’t gotten you vape pen yet you should consider some of the pens below. They are all really good and really cheap. You will save a lot of money by using one of these pens instead of smoking. Smoking a pack every day costs a lot of money.

Some of these pens cost the price of two packs of cigarettes but will last you more than a year. The juice is all you have to buy after that, and it’s cheaper than smoking too.

All Quality Vape Pens

Want to know my top 5 picks for new people who want to start vaping? I listed them in this blog post so you can get a better idea of which vape pens are best for beginners. If you get any of these, you will have a good device and an easier time vaping.

1) eGoT 1100mAh

egot-1100maj I love the eGoT 1100mAh version because it’s one of the best devices for beginners. It’s really easy to use and it can get the nicotine to you in an easy way. The vapor production is not the best, but it gets the job done when you’re in a pinch. With the eGoT 1100mAh, it might not be enough to get you totally off analog cigarettes.

With a device like this, you might find yourself weaning off cigarettes slowly, using this device sometimes. As you use less cigarettes, you might be needed a stronger device. For the price, this device is still really good because you might not want to spend $100 for your first e-cig.

2) Eleaf iJust 2 Starter Kit

eleaf-ijust2The Eleaf iJust 2 is a very reliable pen. It will definitely be a big help for you. It’s a lot stronger than the eGot T, but it also costs more. The price is worth it if you can afford it. It’s not too costly. You can get it for under $30 if you find it in stock at the right store. If you order it from china, you can get it even cheaper.

This one can blow some really big clouds so it’s a lot of fun. It’s not just fun, it’s frickn useful. Since the clouds are bigger, it’s more satisfying than some of the other cheap pens. It might be the best inexpensive vaporizer on the market. It’s easy to use but it performs like a pen that’s harder to use. It has lots of flavor and can hold a lot of e-liquid. You can’t go wrong with this one.

3) Joyetech Ego AIO

joyetech-ego-aioThis one from Joyetech is also good for people looking for an affordable first vape pen. It only costs $20 and could be enough for you. It has a 1500mAh battery which is pretty big for the price.  It’s what us vapers call a, sub ohm device. It means that the coils have a resistance below 1.0ohm. Sub ohm means below one ohm.

A tank that is below one ohm can do a lot better at producing vapor than a tank that is above one ohm. There isn’t a name for tanks above one ohm, so call them whatever you want. A lot of the above one ohm tanks have a restricted lung hit. Some people call them restricted lung devices.

4) Kangertech Subvod

kangertech-subvodKangertech (Kanger for short) makes good products. Any Kanger prduct would make a good first pen because they’re designed with new vapers in mind. The SubVod Starter Kit is good because it comes in six different colors. Three girls colors and three guy colors. That way you can customize your ecig to your personal taste.

It has a 1300mAh battery so it can last a while. Stay away from vape pens with small batteries around 400mAH. They don’t last long enough to be good for traveling. If you are at home most of the time then they could work. If not, they won’t be good for you. The tank on the SubVod is a good tank. It has a 3.2mL capacity. That’s pretty big for your first pen. For the price, this is one of my favorite pens.

5) Kanger Evod

kanger-evodThe Evod comes in even more colors than the Subvod. The Subvod is more advanced, but the Evod is cheaper. The battery on the Evod is a little smaller. It’s only 1100mAh. It’s not that much smaller so it could be worth it since the starter kit is $18 cheaper.

The tank is a little smaller too, holding only 2.5mL of vape juice. That means you could fill it four times with a normal size bottle of liquid. You could only fill the Subvod three times because it holds a lot more juice.

If budget is your main concern, then this is the best vape pen for you. It’s really cheap.

You can buy all of these vape pens at Central Vapors.

We Got Some Slap Yo Momma Good Ecigs

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We’ve got some good eGo cigarettes out this way. You really should give them a try. You ain’t going to be able to put them down. They’re not even addictive, they just taste so damn good. They taste like kool-aid or something. You’ll see soon enough if you would just listen to me and get you one of these suckers.

You really have to try this new flavor I found. It’s called BOOGASUGA and you can buy it online. All you need is a Paypal account or a card and it ships fast. It will be at your doorstep soon. They ship the next day and it takes about 2 days until it gets to my house.

Sometimes it takes about 3 days when the post office is goofing off. This flavor is so good it makes me get up and jump for joy.

I feel like I’m promoting my company or something. They need to pay me for doing the good work of the Lord and sharing their products for free. Maybe I’ll go into business myself. I know a good vape liquid when I have one.

Wouldn’t you know that most people couldn’t recognize a good juice if it slapped them upside the head. I ain’t one of those fools. Quality is my middle name. Samuel is my government middle name. It’s a good biblical name because my momma was a good Christian gal.

I think us Christians are a dying breed. Lord help us but the heathens are taking over the world. That fool Hussein Obama is a tricky son of a gun. You know how he was able to capture Osama Bin Laden? Because they’re cousins!

He knew where his buddy was the whole time. If he would kill his cousin, what do you think he’d do to our country? His Muslim butt ain’t fooling us real Christians. We know a poser when we see one.

If I ever see Bare Back Obama in person I’m going to blow a big cloud of e-cig vapor in his face then sprinkly some holy water on his head. I bet you it sizzles right off his ass.